About Precision Equipment

Precision Equipment’s mission is to offer the accessories of the highest quality for the active shooter. Whether for sport shooting, authority or hunting.

With solid engineering, developing, producing and marketing our own and others’ products in Sweden, Scandinavia and globally.
Precision Equipment was established in 2014 by Mikael Andersson and Mikael Karlsson, two experienced shooters and hunters.

With the latest technology in 3D CAD, PLM and FEM calculation, we develop our own smart products.

We develop and test our products together with some of Sweden’s best shooters giving us constant and immediate feedback and suggestions for improvement.

A good local presence means that we can manufacture most of our products in Sweden, which means we can put a rather unique “Made in Sweden” brand on our steel targets.


Precision Equipment is based in Halmstad and conducts its operations in Halmstad and Hylte.


Precision Equipment is part of the M4 group

VAT SE556737086001

The company is VAT registered and registered for F- tax.